VPS Hosting

Racks and Cables  offers VPS Hosting on both Public and Private Implementation Modes. You can run your public Portal or ERP Applications on Private Network from our Data Centre Services, It can be used for Production purpose,  BCP Purpose or Backup Purpose. Racks and Cables gives you the ability to install what ever you want in the server. Since you are getting root level access to the server, you can manage through remote terminal.

Racks and Cables implement  vps hosting using virtualization technology. Because of virtual partition, each user get independent machines there by user gets more privacy and security comparing to shared hosting.  Also you get the advantages of dedicated hosting with lower prices. In VPS hosting, Racks and cables provides various plans based  on your computing power requirement resources like memory, CPU and Disk space. 

What Racks and Cables Give You For VPS Hosting

 No worries on down time
​  Higher Security 
​  Solitary Ownership
​  Cost Effectiveness
​  Customisable Server Resources
​  Bundled Managed shared firewall port
​  Gateway Anti virus
​   Periodic Backup
​  Operating System(Windows/Linux)
​  Full remote control for your virtual server
​  24/7 online support(Phone/Email support)
​  VM High Availability
​  99% Up time guarantee
Multiple Plans are available for the same too.

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