Cloud Services

Racks and Cables, one of the leading cloud computing service providers in India. We are delivering secure public cloud services with stronger Service Level Agreements(SLAs). Our infrastructure and standards provide you a secure and reliable platform. Using our cloud based services you can faithfully move your business-critical work loads into our cloud, managed by experts. We provide complete management of applications and infrastructure, seamlessly. Racks and Cables  assure the quality of service and provide adequate resources and bandwidth. We believe Compromising any of this will be a fatal error and this may severely effect the users. We offer Cloud computing costs are according to the usage of it. When you join with Racks and Cables trusted cloud service then you will gain the financial advantage of greater efficiency, control, and choice.

What Racks and Cables Give You For Cloud Hosting

  High Privacy and Security
  Scalable Infrastructure
  Help you place applications in the right cloud and there by managing your business needs.
  More Control
  Improved Reliability
  Cost and Energy Efficiency
  24/7 online support
  99% Uptime guarantee