About Us

Racks and Cables offer World Class Managed Data Centre Services in all major countries. It is a Joint Venture Subsidiary of INI Technologies Pvt Ltd, one of leading IT Consulting Company from India based at Cochin.



INI Technologies Data Centre service division, Racks and Cables offers World Class Managed Data Centre Services in all major countries, we have our own Data Centre Services and also we are partnering with other infrastructure and connectivity providers to deliver our Managed Data Centre Services across the Globe.  We offer 99% up time on SLA for availability.



'Racks and Cables' is one of the pioneers in Data Centre Services in India;   we are currently supporting many Corporate and Govt customers for Application Hosting, Web Portal Hosting and Data Centre Services across the globe.



Firewall and Security:  We use reputed brands of Hardware Firewalls and Antivirus Solutions to ensure High level security at our Data Centre. At Racks and Cables Data Centre in addition to the Hosting Services we offer excellent managed services in managing sever and firewall.


Redundant Power: Dual UPS Power Backups and Diesel Generators are available to ensure a trouble free hosting services in addition to register Dedicated   Power Connectivity. 


Managed service   Customer Support Packages are available in various plans like 8x5, 24x7 etc. We do offer data backup services at industry standards like incremental and periodic backups.


It has the dual advantage of being reliable as well as enabling the lowest possible ping time on fiber cable. It's the best place for Dedicated Hosting, Co-locations and Shared Hosting, Cloud Services. We follow CERT Standards in security. Physical Access Control/Surveillance Camera: Our Data Centre is well equipped with Physical Access Control measures and Surveillance Camera for monitoring.